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Wondering about the best Raw Sidr Honey in the World? Here is how to choose it!

raw sidr honeyStart consuming honey and experience the wealth of benefits it brings along!

Honey is one of the healthiest forms of sweetness you can add to your food. Whether you are making a dessert or your favorite beverage, honey is to credit for a guilt-free taste. Researchers suggest that Honey is only 80% sugar which means that you are cutting down the calorie intake by adding honey to your diet. Raw Sidr Honey, among others, is recommended by doctors for a healthy intake of sugar and additional benefits.

There are varieties of honey including Raw Sidr Honey, Manuka Honey, Yemen Honey, and more that have a diverse range of health benefits to offer. Some studies conclude that consuming honey helps with seasonal allergies as well as the healing power of the body.  Other health benefits of honey include:

  1. It helps in healing wounds and injuries

    Both consuming and applying Raw Sidr honey on a wound can help promote healing ability. This is why honey is used in several skincare products and medicines.

  2. It is helpful with acid reflux

    People suffering from acid reflux, stomach inflammation, heartburn, or any other kind of gastroesophageal reflux disease or complication.

  3. It is antibacterial

    Honey has hydrogen peroxide and defensin-1 proteins which helps in killing a wide range of bacteria. In the comparison of Sidr honey vs Manuka, it is concluded that Manuka honey has more antibacterial properties than Sidr honey from Yemen.

  4. It is effective against cough and cold

    Although honey may not treat the disease, the best quality honey in the world helps soothe the symptoms of cough and cold efficiently, especially in children.

  5. It has medicinal use:

    Organic Sidr honey, Manuka honey as well as black seed honey (also known as black cumin honey) have a wide range of medicinal uses. They are a proven remedy for stress, weakness, bad breath, burns, skin allergies, vomiting, obesity, and more.

    Whether you are dealing with skin allergies and other problems or want to shed some extra pounds, the health benefits of the purest honey in the world cover all your requirements.

    What to look for when buying honey?

    No quest can be sweeter than the one of buying honey. Sidr Honey from Yemen, Black seed infused honey, Raw Sidr Honey, Manuka Honey are some of the most popular & healthiest honey in the world. There are many more and each one has different properties. So, how do you differentiate one from another and ensure that you buy the finest honey in the world.

    Well, here are a few points to factor:

    • Type

      You will find Raw Sidr honey, Manuka, buckwheat honey, and several others in the market. Each kind of honey has a distinctive taste with only a little difference. For example, the Yemeni Sidr honey might be sweeter than the Kalonji honey but they all are sweeter and there is no right and wrong about the type.

      Raw Sidr honey is the most popular honey in the market. When you are buying Sidr Honey from Yemen you can expect the Sidr honey to taste rich, lavish, and buttery sweet. On the other hand, the pure Honey with black seeds is unfiltered, thicker, and grainier in texture.

    • Flavor/ taste

      Flavored honey is a common commodity available in the market. You can buy Black seed infused honey, Buckwheat honey, or any other to try the different flavors such as cinnamon, clover, lavender, and more. However, some other varieties can be naturally infused. For example, the Raw Sidr honey from Yemen is tastier than the Sidr honey extracted from any other region. There are three grades of honey:

      Grade A:  these are dark honey with a strong flavor.

      Grace B: they are amber-colored and have a distinct honey flavor.

      Grace C: They are the lightest in color and mild in taste.

    • Other ingredients

      Do not miss reading the product label when buying honey. The Organic Raw Sidr Honey will have no additional ingredients added to the product if you want to buy the world's best pure honey, make sure there are no additional ingredients added to it.

    • Price

      Of course, you need to consider the budget. There is plenty of the healthiest honey in the world that is affordable for almost everyone.

    Best varieties of honey in the world:

    So which is the world no 1 honey? Well, there are endless varieties but we have listed 5 world-famous honey types for your convenience. Here are the top 5 finest honey in the world:

    1. Black seed honey

      Also known as Cumin Seed or Kalonji, black seeds have great medicinal properties. The pure Black seed honey is made by bees fed on the nectar of black seed flowers. The healing and medicinal properties of the plant are thus transferred to honey.

      Some of the significant benefits of Kalonji Honey/ Black cumin Honey include:

      • It promotes cardiovascular health.
      • Black seed honey strengthens the digestive system.
      • It enhances your immunity.
      • Cumin seed honey is helpful in cough, cold, and chest congestion.
      • It is diuretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antiseptic.

      You can buy pure honey with black seed as well as its variants such as Black Seed Ginger Honey, Black Seed Honey with Propolis, & Black Seed Honey with Royal Jelly.

    2. Wildflower honey

      The wildflower honey is one of the best honey in the world along with Raw Sidr Honey and Black Seed Honey. It is made by the bees fed on a wide range of wildflowers and thus has an awesome taste, aroma, and color. The taste of the honey is different every season depending on the blooms.

      Some of the significant properties of Wildflower Honey include:

      • It is 100% natural and sweet.
      • The honey is unpasteurized, uncooked, and has no artificial flavors.
      • It is a great aid in weight loss.
      • It helps prevent flu, cough, and cold.
      • The highly nutrient-rich and anti-microbial profile makes it a recommended honey in the world.

      Some of the prominent varieties of Wildflower Honey are Wildflower Honey with Ceylon Cinnamon and Turmeric, Wildflower with Royal Jelly, Wildflower with Ceylon Cinnamon, and Wildflower with Propolis.

    3. Lemon Honey

      Lemon honey is a combination of lemon extract and wildflower honey. As you consume this honey, you get the aftertaste of lemon which makes the entire experience very refreshing. Some amazing reasons to include Lemon honey in your diet include:

      • Lemon honey is a great aid for digestion.
      • It is very effective for detoxifying your body.
      • Vitamin C content helps with skincare.
      • It boosts immunity and makes you healthier.
      • You experience a great boost in energy when you consume Lemon Honey.
    4. Raw Sidr Honey from Yemen

      Raw Sidr Honey is known by many names-Yemen Sidr Honey, Royal Honey, Yemeni Douani Sidr Honey, and more. Made from the nectar of the Sidr tree, this liquid gold is known for its healing and taste properties. Organic Raw Sidr honey is the best pure honey in the world with a myriad of health benefits. It is raw and unadulterated honey that tastes divine. It has a great aroma and dark color which complements its luxurious taste. It is moderately sweet and has a cohesive texture.

      Some of the distinctive properties of Yemeni Sidr Honey are:

      • It is a one-stop solution for a wide range of health benefits.
      • Raw Sidr honey is antibiotic & antibacterial.
      • It is effective when used for weight loss.
      • Organic Sidr Honey is 63% effective MSSA.
      • It is also 91% effective against PA.
      • Yemen Sidr honey is 73% effective against MRSA.

      Raw Sidr Honey is considered the finest honey in the world and even a small quantity of it is enough to bring the desired taste and aroma to your preparations.

    5. Mountain Sidr Honey

      There are many other Mountain honey varieties along with Raw & Organic Sidr Honey. The Pure Mountain Sidr Honey is rich and luxurious in taste. You can try Mountain Sidr Honey with Royal Jelly, Mountain Sidr Honey with Ginseng & Mountain Sidr Honey with Propolis

      Some FAQs about honey:

      • What is filtered and unfiltered honey?

        Filtered Honey: Filter honey is heated and all the particles present in the honey are then filtered. The fine particles may include air bubbles and pollen grains.

        Unfiltered honey: it is the purest and healthiest honey in the world as it is extracted and packed directly from the beehive.

      • What is Raw Sidr honey?

        Raw Sidr Honey is the world no 1 honey and is made by the bees exclusively fed on the nectar of the Sidr plant's bloom. It is great in texture, taste, and aroma. The dark amber color and notes of butterscotch and caramel are some significant properties of Organic Raw Sidr Honey.

      • Is honey keto-friendly?

        Honey is far healthier than the natural sugar we consume and hence is a great substitute. However, it does have some carbohydrate content and hence is not considered as Keto-friendly.

      • Does honey expire?

        No, Honey does not expire. However, when stored for too long, it may get crystalized. You can easily de-crystalize the honey by putting the honey jar in warm water.

      • How to store honey?

        Raw Sidr Honey or any pure honey in the world must be stored in air-tight jars. It should be stored at room temperature and in a dark place.

    Why Mujeza Raw Sidr Honey?

    Mujeza is one of the premium brands of Raw Sidr Honey in the world. The Mujeza Raw Sidr Honey is 100% organic and unfiltered honey. We follow the conventional method of extracting honey from the beehives and hence guarantee you the authentic taste, flavor, and aroma.

    The high nutritional value of Mujeza Organic Honey is unmatched. If you are looking for the best Raw Sidr Honey from Yemen, trust Mujeza exclusively.