Best Wildflower Honey with Lemon (500 grams Jar) - العسل مع الليمون - Mujeza Honey
Best Wildflower Honey with Lemon (300 g) - العسل مع الليمون - Mujeza Honey
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Natural healthy and delicious Wildflower Honey with Lemon - العسل مع الليمون - Mujeza Honey
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Best Wildflower Honey with Lemon - العسل مع الليمون

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Honey with Lemon:

Mujeza honey with lemon is a perfect honey lemon combination with just the right amount of lemon extracts expertly mixed with wildflower honey to give your tongue a ride of lemon and honey finish. This lemon honey adds delicious flavor without overpowering the real taste of honey. Try it with a plate of fried chicken, or on your cheese plate or charcuterie board, or even in your tea which can make the best lemon honey tea. You can also mix our lemon honey with ginger to make a very healthy mixture of honey with lemon and ginger. This flavored honey is flawless for adding balanced deliciousness to any combination, for a more natural, wholesome everyday sweetener. Cherish the pure sweetness and evenly complementing flavors of honey and lemon, making the perfect sweetener in recipes, coffee, tea or even using as a mixer in rich cocktail favorites.

Benefits of Honey with Lemon:

1. Aids Digestion

An excellent health tonic, regular consumption of lemon honey will help in keeping your digestive system healthy. Drinking lemon with honey increases stomach acid secretion production and bile secretion. This aids in the easy and systematic breakdown of food materials and seamless absorption of nutrients.

2. Detoxifies Body

Benefits of Honey and lemon also include keeping your body free of toxic and harmful free radicals that lead to constipation, acne/pimple or many other problems. Today’s lifestyle has increased the chances of body’s exposure to chemicals and fertilizers. Pollution, unhealthy eating habits and other external factors result in accumulation of toxins in the tissue of the skin, liver and respiratory tract. Therefore, drinking lemon & Honey helps in detoxification of the body.

3. Clears the Skin

Have honey and lemon through the day and see the problem disappear over a period of time. Lemon has oil controlling qualities and also aids in removing excess oil from the surface of the skin.

4. Helps Increases Immunity

Honey lemon drink is also excellent for increasing immunity. It helps you stay protected from common infections and diseases the season change causes. Drinking this mix on a regular basis will bring down in you the instances of cold and flu and other allergies. Honey has therapeutic qualities and being rich in antioxidant, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties; it helps in keeping infections at bay and also helpful in recovery from illness.

5. Boosts Your Energy

The boost of energy that honey can offer is yet another great health benefit of using honey. When you add honey to your diet, it can give you a nice energy boost and is much healthier than sugar or sugar substitutes that are available today.