Black Seed Honey with Propolis (250 g Jar ) - (العكبر) عسل حبة البركة مع البروبوليس - Mujeza Honey
Black Seed Honey with Propolis (500 g Jar ) - (العكبر)  عسل حبة البركة مع البروبوليس - Mujeza Honey
ingredients of Black Seed Honey with Propolis (500 g Jar ) - (العكبر) عسل حبة البركة مع البروبوليس - Mujeza Honey
Ingredients of Black Seed Honey with Propolis (250 g Jar ) - (العكبر) عسل حبة البركة مع البروبوليس - Mujeza Honey
The bee Propolis benefits for skin and health  فوائد البروبوليس ( العكبر ) - Mujeza Honey
Black Seed benefits for helath - Mujeza Honey
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Black Seed Honey with Propolis - (العكبر) عسل حبة البركة مع البروبوليس

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Organic Black Seed Honey with Propolis (العكبر) . Unheated, unfiltered, and unprocessed honey. 100% Natural Raw Honey comes in a Glass jar with different sizes available (250 g & 500 g).

What Makes Mujeza Black Seed Honey Unique?

Mujeza’s Black Seed Honey is unique because we don’t simply mix our raw honey with black seed powder or oil. Rather, this honey is produced by bees that feed on the nectar of the black seed plant. This gives our honey a fantastic taste while maintaining all the natural characteristics and benefits of both honey and black seed. 

Amazing Health Benefits of Black Seed

Black seed, which is also known as cumin seed or kalonji, has been used to treat diseases for over 2000 years. The plant is mentioned in many sacred texts and is even called “seeds of blessing” for its numerous health benefits.

Black seed has been used to treat aches and pains, nasal congestion, and many forms of infection.

Recent research suggests that black seed can:
  • Strengthen the heart Improve
  • Improve blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels
  • Boost immunity and ease indigestion
  • Aid cough and chest congestion
  • Serve as an anti-inflammatory agent
  • Purify the blood and activate the liver
  • Act as an antihistamine
  • Act as a diuretic and clean the urinary system
  • Improve thyroid functions
  • Lessen pain and stiffness associated with rheumatoid arthritis
Learn: What Is Propolis?

Bees collect resin from dark-color treetops to later shape them in combs where they add their secretions. This changes into a mortar-like substance to help coat the bee's walls and hexagonal site (where they lay their eggs) which helps sterilize and seal cracks across their sticky home...

This sticky substance is called a Propolis, the most alluring substance of the beehive. Scholars think Propolis has medicinal potential since the evidence shows it may help you treat many diseases.

Know Propolis's Benefits:

Research from various journals, studies, and the likes shows propolis may give you various benefits. Read some below:

  • Cures a Common Cold: May help you heal faster from colds and sore throats
  • Heals Genital Herpes: Helps heal wounds faster and more fully than unnatural 5% acyclovir gel
  • Fights Yeast: Jabs away at 40 different yeast strains and helps stop oral thrush
  • Combats Parasites: Fights some parasites like Giardia lamblia
  • Treats Cold Sores: Used in lip balm since it can help cure cold sores and ease pain
  • Aids Infertility: May aid infertile women in conceive
  • Cures Minor Burns: Treats your minor burns and helps stop future infections
  • Aids Your Warts: May help you cure plane and normal warts
  • Vaginal Swelling: May reduce symptoms of vaginal swelling to help better your life
  • Your Canker Sores: Helps lessen canker sore outbreaks
  • Your Cancer Slows: May lower your risk of cancer and slow tumor growth