Sidr Honey vs the Rest: Comparing the best Honey Varieties in the World 2021!

For Yemen Sidr Honey, the bees can collect nectar only in the month of full bloom and that is October.’ No doubt Sidr honey is rare!

Sidr honey needs little to no introduction. It is one of the most sold, medically recommended and tastefully chosen honeys in the world. Made by bees fed on the nectar of organically farmed Sidr trees, the original Sidr honey brings a wealth of benefits. Why? Simply because from the leaves to the roots, branches to flowers, and beyond, every part of the plant is 8medicinally blessed.

Here are some quick facts about Sidr Honey that you must know:
  • The Sidr tree and its parts are rich in Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, and Sodium. These nutrients are transferred onto the honey and hence the rich profile.
  • The best Sidr Honey comes from the nectar of Ziziphus or Lote tree grown exclusively in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and some parts of Asia.
  • Sidr Honey is one of the purest and richest honey in the world. It is undoubtedly one of the most expensive honey in the world as well.
  • The true properties of the Sidr honey depend on its geographical floral origin, season, environmental factors, and treatment of beekeepers.
  • Sidr honey is 40-50% fructose and 32-37% glucose. There is also a little amount of sucrose and some mineral constituents. There is 13-20% water in honey.
  • Pure Sidr honey has anticancer, antimicrobial, immunomodulatory, and silver nanoparticles production properties.

The rich, lavish, herbal, and buttery taste of Sidr honey indeed is one of its amazing properties to mention. But, what makes the honey more popular is its sour and tangy aftertaste. The color and appearance characteristics of pure Sidr honey include burnt orange color and a running consistency. However, when it is crystallized, it looks creamy & buttery yellow.

Comparison of Sidr honey with:

There are endless varieties of Honey and no doubt each one of them has its distinctive features, characteristics, properties, and benefits to offer. Each type of honey differs from the other based on its composition, place of origin, ways of harvesting as well as the distinctive approach of the beekeepers. Sidr honey by far is known to be the best variety of honey. Let us compare Sidr honey with some popular honey varieties found across the world.

  • Sidr Honey vs. Manuka Honey

    Apart from their different origins, the two kinds of honey Sidr & Manuka also have different benefits. Although both of them are medical-grade honey with properties like antiseptic, antibacterial, and antibiotic features, their intensity is pretty different.

    A study proves that Sidr Honey has a higher ability to work against lethal sinusitis. It is more effective in killing MSSA, MRSA & PA.

  • Sidr Honey vs. Alfalfa Honey

    Alfalfa honey is also a rare variety of honey primarily because the alfalfa flowers are hard for honey bees to pollinate. The bees do a lot of hard work while collecting the nectar and produce just a little amount of honey. The honey is also medical-grade honey but when compared to the rich profile of Side Honey, Alfalfa honey just doesn’t match the levels of antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory abilities. Also, it is sold at a very unreasonable price.

  • Sidr Honey vs. Eucalyptus Honey, Acacia Honey & Buckwheat Honey

    Some of the common varieties of honey that you can easily buy are Eucalyptus Honey, Acacia Honey & Buckwheat Honey. These plants that bloom every season can be grown in most types of terrains and are thus easy for the bees to pollinate. The honey has high adulteration because these plants are surrounded by many other plantations which make the honey compromised on certain medical qualities. On the other hand, pure Mountain Sidr Honey is made by honeybees fed on the nectar of Sidr flowers exclusively which guarantees the taste, properties, and benefits.

  • Sidr Honey vs. Sage Honey

    Sage is an impeccable herb known for its high nutritional and medical properties. The honey made from the Sage pollens also carries the same properties and hence is one of the recommended kinds of honey in the world. While a moderate amount of sage or sage hone intake is safe, it is recorded that excessive daily consumption of sage can be unsafe. It has a chemical named Thujone which is poisonous when accumulated in the body in high quantities.

When we consider the consumption of Sidr Honey, there are no such restrictions. It is safe and healthy honey that you can consume at any time of the day and daily as well.

Is Sidr honey the best?

Well, the debate would never last but there are enough pieces of evidence that prove the supremacy of Sidr Honey over other kinds of honey in the world. Sidr honey is now being named as the “natural cure for cancer as the honey has a rich profile of polyphenols including but not limited to caffeic acid (CA), caffeic acid phenyl esters (CAPE), chrysin (CR), galangin (GA), quercetin (QU), kaempferol (KP), acacetin (AC), pinocembrin (PC), pinobanksin (PB), and apigenin (AP8 caffeic acid (CA), caffeic acid phenyl esters (CAPE), chrysin (CR), galangin (GA), quercetin (QU), kaempferol (KP), acacetin (AC), pinocembrin (PC), pinobanksin (PB), and apigenin (AP).

Moreover, the bioactive molecules such as caffeic acid, caffeic acid phenethyl ester, and flavonoid glycons found in Sidr honey makes it effective on tumor cell division. And the best part is- Sidr honey has no side effects.

From a low glycemic index to awesome taste and better medical properties than many of the kinds of honey available in the world, Sidr honey is undoubtedly the best.

When made with great efficacy, by the expert beekeepers, and in an unadulterated manner, just like we do at Mujeza, Sidr Honey is unbeatable.